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  Een greep uit ons repertoire:

The Last Shanty

Roll the Woodpile down

Piqué la baleine


Newyork girls


Hobby derry dendo

Hooker John

The Greenland whale fishery

Row On

Blow the man down

Shallow Brown

Douwe Jongens

The Doggerbank

Whip Jamboree

Captain Nipper

Donkey Riding 

Sam’s gone away 

All the good times are past and gone

Pick a bale of Cotton 

Bully in the Alley 

Mingulay Boatsong

South Australia 

Fiddlers Green 

Johnny comes down to Hilo

Bye-bye, my Roseanne 

Three Jolly Fisherman 

Hanging Johnny

Rolling down to Old Mau-i 

Let the Bulgine run 

Molly Malone

General Taylor 

Zoute Zee 

Grey Funnel Line

Don’t take the heroes 

Mein vater vos ein Dutchman

                                                             En nog zo’n 40 andere nummers………



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